Data Catalogue

Road safety data comes from a wide range of sources – crash, infrastructure, vehicle, enforcement and health-related systems.

This data catalogue is an entry point to Australian road safety data, and supports the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 and the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-25.

The Australian and state and territory governments have worked together to establish the catalogue and will continue to further develop and enhance the collection.


Further Information

Australian Government:

  • Office of Road Safety: the Office of Road Safety facilitates national efforts to improve road safety outcomes for all Australians.
  • a central source of information on road safety in Australia, the National Road Safety Strategy, Action Plans, and road safety programs and projects.
  • Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE): BITRE provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure and transport to inform both Australian Government policy development and wider community understanding. BITRE publishes regular monthly, quarterly and annual road safety crash data series. In addition, research papers and information sheets are released on an occasional basis.
  • a central source of Australian open government data published by federal, state and local government agencies.

State and territory governments: