In 2018 the Inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy (2011–2020) highlighted the need for national leadership and coordination to develop and promote a strategic approach to developing the next National Road Safety Strategy and to ensure better road safety outcomes for all Australians.

The Office of Road Safety was established on 1 July 2019 to provide leadership towards the elimination of road trauma in Australia.

The Office works with state and territory governments, police, road safety organisations and other stakeholders to implement systems towards the long-term aim that no one is killed or seriously injured on Australia's roads.

To support effective collaboration and coordination, our national leadership role involves:

  • collecting, verifying and disseminating information and data on the effectiveness of road safety interventions
  • analysing research and data to inform road safety policy development
  • developing national targets, policy priorities, performance indicators and contextual indicators for the next National Road Safety Strategy
  • partnering with states, territories and local government to complement existing road safety strategies and pilot new and innovative road safety solutions
  • supporting individuals, businesses, and other stakeholders to contribute to improving road safety

The media release announcing the establishment of the Office of Road Safety can be found at: $2.2 billion boost to road safety