Office of Road Safety

The Office of Road Safety Branch coordinates and facilitates national efforts to improve road safety outcomes for all Australians.

The ORS Branch recognises that by everyone working together to take action – government, the non-government sector, industry, academia and our communities – we can make significant progress towards eliminating road trauma in Australia by 2050 (Vision Zero).

  • Australia’s new strategy to reduce road trauma by 2030

    The National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 sets ambitious targets for reducing road trauma during the next decade, putting us on a path to zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2050 (Vision Zero).

  • Quick reference guides to state and territory road rules

    Unsure about the road rules that apply in different parts of Australia? Check our road user placemats on driving in school zones, mobile usage, driving with L and P plates and more in your state or territory.

  • Road Safety Program Tranche 1 funding announced across Australia

    Approved projects under Tranche 1 of the Australian Government’s $2 billion Road Safety Program have now been announced across all states and territories, with almost $1 billion being provided for close to 700 road safety projects to be completed by June this year.