About the National Road Safety Strategy

The draft National Road Safety Strategy (Strategy) 2021-30 sets out Australia’s road safety objectives, key priorities for action, and road trauma reduction targets for the decade to 2030. It will also lay the groundwork for the longer-term goal of zero deaths and serious injuries by 2050.

When approved, the Strategy will replace the current National Road Safety Strategy 2011-20.

It is an important national initiative and, when finalised, will be endorsed by all of Australia’s nine federal, state and territory governments and the Australian Local Government Association.

The Strategy has been developed cooperatively by the Australian Government, state and territory road and transport agencies, the Australian Local Government Association, along with ANZPAA, the National Transport Commission and Austroads. It has been approved by Infrastructure and Transport Ministers for public consultation, on a no prejudice not government policy basis and was open for public comments from 23 February – 23 March 2021.

The Strategy provides the direction to improve road safety outcomes across Australia over the decade. It will also continue to be refined to be responsive to changing environments due to technology, emerging trends in evidence or new disruptions.

While state, territory, local governments and other groups are at different stages in their planning cycles as they renew their commitment to improving road safety outcomes they will take their direction from this national Strategy.

The National Strategy and Action Plan (which will be released with the final Strategy) will focus on national priority issues and areas where nationally coordinated work is of most benefit. It will not cover all road safety issues and initiatives.

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